Peuple de France : Video. Des cheminots tentent d’envahir de force le siège de M6 et sont repoussés par les CRS

mardi 12 juin 2018

Video. Des cheminots tentent d’envahir de force le siège de M6 et sont repoussés par les CRS

Capture écran vidéo Rémy Buisine
Nouvelle action spontanée des cheminots ce mardi midi, cette fois à Neuilly-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine), à proximité de Paris.

Ces derniers ont tenté d’envahir le siège du groupe M6 brutalement, vers 13h20 et ont été repoussés par les CRS, qui ont été contraints d’utiliser la force.

Le groupe M6 a été visé par les manifestants après la diffusion d’un reportage dans l’émission « Capital » évoquant l’ouverture à la concurrence selon le journaliste Rémy Buisine présent sur place.

Les manifestants ont ensuite emprunté une route vers La Défense.



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Grace Of God a dit…

Message from God the Father to sinful humankind, unredeemed,
unrepentant, especially to his children in France. June 11th,18.
Beloved, when do you think to say goodbye to your
relatives, companions and others, the third world war comes
and you are not able to see them. The alliances are false, they betray each other in a short space of time.
By the way, man has not only gone to the moon but also to
the planet Mars shortly will come news of it from part
of NASA, don´t believe that they're going to tell you
everything, just what they are interested in, you already
see this is life, nothing is what it seems, isn´t it brothers?
The Elohim Saint Michel Archangel speaks to you, Who as
God, don´t trust Macron, lie, speak in false, everything
that he says he's agreed to beforehand, because of that and
because they're going to destroy the Eiffel tower not who you believe, the terrorism is already inside, has arrived camouflaged within the poor immigrants who are not to blame for anything and
just they look for a better life.
Stop them and you will save your lives, speak as soon as
possible with the police if you detect something bad.
I Love You, God Almighty Father Says, be lovers of My
Son, you will soon see why, don´t forget that you have
a life after death and it is In Me, within My Heart that is
equal to That of My Son, Heart that burns in
desires to Save you from Hell, if you decide
repent of sin and seek salvation as soon as possible, because there is little time for everything to happen.
Come friends, run to save your souls because they raise the
antichrist in your country in front of the noses of all the
world through a blood sacrifice of your beloved children in
the streets of Paris.
You will see it brothers, you will see, the sooner you repent the sooner I Can Help you children, if not no, above all of the crime of abortion that is reproach in view of God Almighty Father, Omnipresent also in the Eucharist.
Amen, Amen, Alleluia.
Glory to God Omnipotent Word Creator of the world, Alpha
and Omega of the Universe, Eternal and Unfathomable in its
intentions Who Wants the Salvation of his children above all things.
Amen, Amen, Alleluia.
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Amen.

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